Paletas (päh-leh-tähs) are premium frozen treats made with real fruit and cream, typically sold by street vendors with pushcarts. A refreshing favorite in many Hispanic countries, the paleta is shaped similar to frozen fruit bars, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Authentic paletas are made with:
All-natural ingredients
Authentic paletas, like Helados Mexico’s, are made with real, rich cream and milk and packed with fresh fruit. Whole fruit is prepared
and sliced by hand, then gently blended with the cream, the traditional way.
Traditional preparation
Authentic paletas are never air-whipped.
Whipping fills the cream with air to allow for mass production, sacrificing taste and texture. Our family company makes only authentic paletas, the traditional way.
Classic and exotic flavors
Real paletas come in an incredible range of flavors, from fruits like strawberry, pineapple and mango to
exotic flavors like our Jamaica paleta, flavored with the essence of hibiscus flowers shipped fresh from Mexico!

You’ll taste the difference with every amazing flavor!

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