OurStory Paletas

Our Story Is One of Tradition & Taste

The tradition of paletas began in the small town of Tocumbo, Mexico in the 1940s. Local fresh fruit was added to ice pops to create the first paletas. The product was so loved, it led to many varieties being created, and spread across Mexico to become a beloved traditional treat.

Our story begins more than 20 years ago, with two brothers—”Los Paleteros”—and a pushcart full of paletas. These brothers were from Mexico, and sold their first handmade paletas from a cart in California. Their secret recipe used only the finest ingredients: real cream, fresh fruit, cane sugar, and fruit juice.

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With deliciously authentic flavors like coconut cream, mangonada, lime, and strawberry, people throughout the area sought out these tasty, refreshing paletas! Perfecting his paletas (and seeing how popular they were), one brother and his wife moved to Southern California, where together they founded Helados Mexico to bring their treats to even more people across the country.

Helados Mexico is now the #1 Latin brand for frozen novelty treats, but we’ve never compromised our dedication to vibrant Latin recipes and fresh, real ingredients, all with a healthy helping of fun thrown in! That’s why we say Helados Mexico is:

A Flavor Fiesta™