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Our Story Is One of Tradition & Taste

In the small town of Tocumbo, Mexico, in the 1940s, something magical happened. People started adding fruit to ice pops for a cool, flavorful summer treat. The paleta, as it came to be called, became so beloved that it spread across the country and was soon considered, becoming a traditional treat with every fruit flavor imaginable.

We joined the story 20 years ago when a Mexican family brought the paleta to California, using a pushcart to sell their homemade versions of the delicious treat. They used only the finest ingredients: real cream, fresh fruit, cane sugar, and fruit juice.

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They sold paletas with flavors like coconut cream, mangonada, lime, and strawberry. In time, they traded in their pushcart for an office in Southern California, and Helados Mexico was born. Soon, people all over the country would be able to taste this traditional, tropical summer treat.

Today, Helados Mexico is the #1 Latin brand for frozen novelty treats. We credit our success to our consistent dedication – without compromise – to the original vibrant Latin recipes and fresh, real ingredients, and a healthy helping of fun thrown in!

That’s why we say Helados Mexico is:

A Flavor Fiesta™